Scientists name reasons of poverty in Arctic regions of Russia, Canada, US — TASS

YAKUTSK, August 20. /TASS/. The poverty among the Arctic communities in Russia, the US and Canada may be explained by the high birth rates, big numbers of dependents and high rates of everyday expenses, Daryana Maximova of the North-Eastern Federal University (NEFU) and the Academy of Sciences’ Institute of the US and Canada told TASS.

A team of experts from NEFU jointly with scientists from Canada’s University of Manitoba and the US University of Alaska compared sources of revenues and studied poverty in traditional communities, living in the north of Russia, the US and Canada. The studies were financed by a grant of 1.3 million rubles ($17,500) from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

«We have analyzed how poor people in Yakutia, Manitoba and Alaska live,» Maximova said. «Using the national statistics and analytical data, we compared poverty conditions the said regions. Among the reasons could be high birth rates, big numbers of retirees and dependents, high levels of everyday expenses, insufficient budget payments to raise the incomes of the poor and many others.»

The scientific results may be used for recommendations on how to harmonize relations between investors and locals in the Arctic, how to have improve the social responsibility of corporates during major mining or infrastructure projects in traditional territories of the North’s communities, the Russian expert said. Additionally, the results may be useful in making more efficient the social benefits for the people living in the North.

The studies show that the poverty level is not related directly to the regional sectors. The scientists pointed to the importance of corporate social policies. «A certain role in a rather low poverty rate in Alaska is played by the natural resource rent payments from mining companies, which could form the basis for experiments to introduce unconditional basic income for indigenous communities of the North,» the scientist said.

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