One of the biggest German investment company began to get rid of the Nornickel shares

The umbrella Organisation of Ethical Shareholders ask a whole host of questions with regard to the Russian group Norilsk Nornickel, who is claimed to infringe – to be responsible for several catastrophes and the violation of indigenous rights. So, in which – how far is DWS invested in Nornickel?  Which risks of Nornickel were known to DWS? What were the arguments saying that Nornickel was a responsible and trustworthy company? What were  the  concrete  measures  and  researches  taken  by  DWS  when  it  comes  to  international,  social and ecological standards?  Because Nornickel is active in an ecologically sensitive area.  What measures has DWS taken after the catastrophic environment and human rights impact of the activities of Nornickel in the Arctic Circle in order to avoid or mitigate further damage done   by   Nornickel? Is   there   an   engagement   dialogue   with   Nornickel   on   ESG   and   sustainability, or are there plans to have such a dialogue?  If yes, which concrete topics are part of the dialogue?  If no, why don’t you think a dialogue is not important?  Are there clear criteria when or under which concrete conditions DWS would sell the shares of Nornickel if the company  does  not  speedily  improve  its  eco-balance  and  the  respect  of  indigenous  rights  speedily and comprehensively?

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