The great Arctic greenwash

The Vostok Oil is developed in the remote Taymyr Peninsula and includes the building of major new infrastructure such as a several hundred kilometre long pipeline, new seaports and industry towns.

By year 2030, the project will reportedly produce as much as 100 million tons of oil annually, all of it to be exported across the Northern Sea Route.

Sechin is also seeking to sweeten the project by adding a wind power component. During that same St.Petersburg Economic Forum, the Rosneft leader signed an agreement with Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas.

The agreement is to prepare the ground for building of wind farms that can provide power to Rosneft’s oil installations, the company informed.

Rosneft is not the only Russian petroleum company that says it will build wind power capacities in the Arctic. Also Novatek has announced plans to build wind turbines in its new far northern projects, both in Sabetta and Utrennyi, the sites for the Yamal LNG and Arctic LNG 2 projects.

The great Arctic greenwash | The Independent Barents Observer

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